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usbr: Sunrise over the Colorado River near Blythe, CA. Photo by Alexander Stephens, Bureau of Reclamation. Every once in a while it’s nice to take a step back and remember what we’re working hard to protect and revitalize. With a view like this, courtesy of the Bureau of Reclamation, who wouldn’t want to restore the Colorado… Read more »

Paddling the Colorado River Pulse Flow

The conservationists hope the pulse will bring back the willows and cottonwoods that once lined the valley, and restore habitat for the birds and wildlife that once thrived there. My goal was more selfish. I wanted to see whether I could bash through the non-native reeds and tamarisk that clog the riverbed, and eventually make… Read more »

mapsontheweb: Map of the Major Dams along the Colorado River and its Tributaries. We’ve blogged a great deal about Morelos Dam – the last dam on the Colorado River. Curious how many others there are? 

Jeff Moag, Editor in Chief of Canoe and Kayak Magazine, paddled the Colorado River with Victor Leon.  Check out his first-in-a-lifetime trip. If we can keep supporting agreements like Minute 319, it won’t have to be the last.  (Source:

This doesn’t feel like an experiment, you know? I thought it was, like, the pulse experiment, you know? But actually, it feels like a river. Jeff Moag Jeff and few others paddled down the Colorado River through its delta to see if they could make it to the ocean. What they found (and experienced) was… Read more »