A unique partnership

Raise the River is a unique partnership of six U.S. and Mexican non-governmental organizations committed to restoring the Colorado River Delta.

Some of us have worked together for nearly two decades, conducting scientific studies, using private funds to bring small amounts of water to the Delta, and involving local communities in pilot restoration projects. With the signing of the historic binational agreement in November 2012, restoration efforts kicked into high gear. The signing of its successor agreement, Minute 323 on September 27, 2017, ensured our efforts will not only be carried forward but will be expanded.


To breathe life back into the Delta

Raise the River’s primary goal is to bring water and life back to the Colorado River Delta, and in doing so, create a model for future trans-national river restoration efforts throughout the world. In meeting our goal, we will rebuild the habitats that support local communities and wildlife.

If we can add a relatively small amount of water to the Colorado River Delta—less than 1% of its annual flow—we’ll be on our way to restoring 2,300 acres of forest and marsh along a 70-mile stretch of river, generating rural economic activities and job opportunities for local people, including river restoration, tourism, recreational hunting, and sport and commercial fisheries.

Help us breathe life back into the Delta and let’s watch it grow.

We met our original goal to raise $10 million by 2017 — which we accomplished by December 2016. The money was used to conduct essential restoration work, such as putting native trees in the ground, and to acquire water rights dedicated to supporting the restored areas in the Delta.

In meeting our goal, we proved that we can rebuild the habitats that support local communities and wildlife. But there remains much to be done.

The Delta is the most broken reach of the Colorado. If we can fix the Delta, we can demonstrate that no place is beyond hope.

Join us in rewriting history. Let’s raise the river.


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Members include: