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Part 1: A Historical and Personal Perspective of the Pulse Flow

This is the first post of a 5-part blog series on the Colorado River pulse flow, written by Cesar Angulo and commissioned by Environmental Defense Fund. Cesar is an environmental journalist; he founded and directs, an independent blog, and graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Sciences from UABC-Mexicali. The series was originally written in Spanish… Read more »

We told you the pulse flow was working!  Check out this extraordinary image from NASA. The first image was taken in April 2013, and the second was taken in April 2014 – a few weeks after the pulse flow event. If you play with the slider (which we definitely did), you can see the river bed filling… Read more »

highcountrynews: In an era of light pollution, here are the darkest skies in the American West. Many of them are hot spots for dark-sky tourism – people visiting to see stars that are obscured by lights in their hometowns. See more images and read the story at If you’re looking for some place beautiful to… Read more »