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“When it comes to water, there is rarely consensus among agencies, municipalities and environmentalists. Agreement among multiple states and nations? That’s just not something that happens. Until it does.” Read more about Minute 319’s major successs in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The Colorado River has officially reached the sea! #raisetheriver

“But there is more to this story:  there is value in seeing the river flow again, where it has been missing for so long. We saw that in the faces of the children who danced in the water in San Luis Rio Colorado, and we saw it in the faces of the farmers who travelled… Read more »

smithsonianmag: From Wyoming to Mexico, a Beautiful Time-Lapse Trip Down the Colorado River Drawing rain runoff and snow melt from the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River is a dominant source of water for the American southwest, providing fresh water for drinking and farming and hydroelectric power to millions. In 2011, Will Stauffer-Norris… Read more »