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Announcing the ‘Colorado River-Memorable Moments’-Hunter Matching campaign

Today — July 25 — is Colorado River Day, marking the 94th anniversary of the Grand River being renamed the Colorado. We’re celebrating this mighty river that we are helping to restore by launching a new awareness and fundraising campaign, with the notable support of Hunter Industries. From July 25 to October 31, Hunter Industries will generously… Read more »

Connecting Youth with Nature

a story of Sonoran Institute’s community engagement in the Colorado River Delta By: Gabriela González Olimón Mexicali, Baja California‒ I am watching kids skim their fingers on the water, sitting on the edge of what is left of this river. Restoring a fragile ecosystem is a very ambitious project; nonetheless Sonoran Institute has been working in the… Read more »

Part 4: Farmers Benefit from the Return of the River

This is the fourth blog in a 5-part series on the Colorado River pulse flow, written by Cesar Angulo, an environmental journalist in Mexico, and commissioned by Environmental Defense Fund. Read Parts 1, 2 and 3. In the last stretch before reaching the Gulf of California, the Colorado River divides two of the most productive agricultural valleys of Northwestern Mexico: the… Read more »

“When it comes to water, there is rarely consensus among agencies, municipalities and environmentalists. Agreement among multiple states and nations? That’s just not something that happens. Until it does.” Read more about Minute 319’s major successs in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The Colorado River has officially reached the sea! #raisetheriver