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Part 3: Water Restores Ecosystems and Benefits Communities

This is the third blog in a 5-part series on the Colorado River pulse flow, written by Cesar Angulo, an environmental journalist in Mexico, and commissioned by Environmental Defense Fund. Read Parts 1 and 2. The pulse flow that has brought water to a thirsty Colorado River Delta will allow the regeneration and restoration of the spacious riparian… Read more »

Earth Day. Founded 1970. The year after we walked on the moon, looked back home, and discovered Earth for the first time. Neil deGrasse Tyson (via fourteendrawings) Happy Earth Day, everyone.

The pulse flow – a temporary release of water designed to mimic the river’s natural spring floods – began on Sunday, March 23. The pulse flow is expected to peak at its highest flow rate today through March 30, and is expected to last nearly eight weeks total, bringing much needed relief to the habitats and… Read more »