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Conflict is probably the most frequently used word in stories about water in the U.S. West. The word represents the seriousness of global water issues, from the drought-prone areas of Asia to the infrastructure-poor countries of central and southern Africa. Is the future one of litigation amidst an increasingly unsustainable economy and its growing uncertainty?… Read more »

natureconservancy: Show us how you #livenature by taking a #natureselfie! Share and tag your photos so we can see your exciting adventures! Our partner, The Nature Conservancy, has a great idea for you. We’ll even reward an extra 10 points* for anyone who posts a Colorado River selfie.  *Full disclosure: points are just for fun…. Read more »

Restoring a once mighty river that has slowed to a trickle

Restoring a once mighty river that has slowed to a trickle Can you name the river that rises in a US state at the western edge of the Great Plains and travels 1,400 miles, passes through five US states and Mexico, and is being celebrated for an agreement between the two countries that includes environmental… Read more »

Colorado River: Hope for the Hopeless?

When I first became director for The Nature Conservancy’s Colorado River Program, quite a few folks told me I was crazy.   “The Colorado River is a lost cause,” they said.   As I did my assessment of potential strategies and places to work, the Colorado River Delta stood out as a place that might meet this description…. Read more »