Monthly Archives: September 2017

Collaboration for the Colorado River Delta

Minute 323 Agreement boosts water security for Colorado River water users, continues Delta restoration (September 27, 2017) – Today, policymakers, water agencies, and conservation organizations from the United States and Mexico gathered to confirm the signing of Minute 323, an addendum to the 1944 Water Treaty between the United States and Mexico. The successful negotiation… Read more »

Lessons Learned

In this scientific report authored by Raise the River team members, the lessons learned from the 2014 pulse flow are explored — from the resulting ecological restoration to its social impact. Authors of the report include Raise the River coalition organization representatives and members of the Science Team providing ongoing monitoring, including:  Eloise Kendy/The Nature Conservancy,… Read more »

Raise the River @4

Today marks the 4th anniversary of Raise the River, a coalition of organizations working together to restore the Colorado River Delta and its neighboring communities. For a look at our purpose and mission, watch this brief video from 2014, and share with your friends, to grow our community, and help Raise The River together!


  This profile of our work in the delta describes the positive – and rapid – changes in the Colorado River Delta that resulted from the spring 2014 ‘pulse flow’ of water. It also highlights findings from the recently Interim Monitoring Report of environmental activities which we are proudly a part of. Read more, here, from Circle… Read more »