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The pulse flow brought a striking visual reminder of what happens when water is removed, and then reinstated to its natural channel, and since then, people have asked if it will happen again… We’ve learned in recent years how to use it more and more effectively, read the full story here, part of a project covering… Read more »

Raise the River Job Opportunity: Coordinator

Note:  As of April 17, 2018, this position is no longer open for applications… thank you for your interest! The Raise the River Coalition is seeking a coordinator to facilitate and support a dynamic bi-national initiative restore the Colorado River Delta. In response to a newly signed agreement between the U.S.  Mexico, the coalition is… Read more »

Learn and Grow

An important part of our restoration work in the #ColoradoRiverDelta is monitoring our activities, then tweaking where needed, if results are different than predicted. In the spirit of sharing, presenting this paper on what we have learned, to more efficiently provide benefits to nature. After all, the more we learn, the more trees will grow in the… Read more »