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We salute the Walton Family Foundation for their commitment to supporting the Colorado River! The Foundation recently announced grants to several organizations totaling $20M over the next 2 years to be used toward finding solutions to the Colorado River’s diminishing water supply, supporting the renewal of Minute 319, and restoring the region’s environment. The Walton Family Foundation… Read more »


The Nature Conservancy scientists around the world work within river systems to help people and nature thrive together. This highlights the work of our Raise the River coalition partner with the Colorado River, featuring Taylor Hawes, director of TNC’s Colorado River program, and the Walton Family Foundation. Read (and share!) the full story, here:

Earthworks on the Colorado River

“You know how they say, ‘You can’t love what you don’t know?’ Well, this is why we need to reach out to people who don’t know what the deal with the river is. Reaching out with the Local Natives is a fantastic way into thousands of people’s hearts,” says Gaby Gonzalez, Environmental Education Coordinator at… Read more »