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Colorado River: Pulse Flow Update by Eloise Kendy

By Eloise Kendy, Freshwater Scientist for The Nature Conservancy Three years ago, an innovative agreement between the United States and Mexico ushered in a new era in international water management. Called Minute 319, the agreement authorized a broad array of actions in both the United States and Mexico. Among them was the recognition of the value… Read more »

Colorado River Memorable Moments – Photo Contest Announced!

Spread the message of the importance of water conservation and the restoration of the Colorado River Delta region by being a part of our Colorado River Memorable Moments photo sharing contest. Raise the River invites you to participate for an opportunity to win a special experience in the Colorado River Delta! Share your most memorable experience… Read more »

Part 3: Water Restores Ecosystems and Benefits Communities

This is the third blog in a 5-part series on the Colorado River pulse flow, written by Cesar Angulo, an environmental journalist in Mexico, and commissioned by Environmental Defense Fund. Read Parts 1 and 2. The pulse flow that has brought water to a thirsty Colorado River Delta will allow the regeneration and restoration of the spacious riparian… Read more »

The Colorado River has officially reached the sea! #raisetheriver

“But there is more to this story:  there is value in seeing the river flow again, where it has been missing for so long. We saw that in the faces of the children who danced in the water in San Luis Rio Colorado, and we saw it in the faces of the farmers who travelled… Read more »