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Earthworks on the Colorado River

“You know how they say, ‘You can’t love what you don’t know?’ Well, this is why we need to reach out to people who don’t know what the deal with the river is. Reaching out with the Local Natives is a fantastic way into thousands of people’s hearts,” says Gaby Gonzalez, Environmental Education Coordinator at… Read more »

Desert Alive

By: Gabriela Gonzalez-Olimon, as originally appeared on the Sonoran Institute Blog Bor∙der (noun). A line separating two political or geographical areas, especially countries. Before dam construction the Delta was one of the largest estuaries in the world. Countries, people, wildlife and even water. Edward Abbey said that there is no shortage of water in the… Read more »

Connecting Youth with Nature

a story of Sonoran Institute’s community engagement in the Colorado River Delta By: Gabriela González Olimón Mexicali, Baja California‒ I am watching kids skim their fingers on the water, sitting on the edge of what is left of this river. Restoring a fragile ecosystem is a very ambitious project; nonetheless Sonoran Institute has been working in the… Read more »