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Colorado River: Pulse Flow Update by Eloise Kendy

By Eloise Kendy, Freshwater Scientist for The Nature Conservancy Three years ago, an innovative agreement between the United States and Mexico ushered in a new era in international water management. Called Minute 319, the agreement authorized a broad array of actions in both the United States and Mexico. Among them was the recognition of the value… Read more »

Spring in Bloom!

Raise the River is celebrating the spring renewal of the Colorado River Delta. We invite you to join in our Spring in Bloom fundraising and awareness campaign – May 25-July 25 – to help ensure that the new life that blossomed in the region this spring will survive and thrive in the future. We hope… Read more »

Part 4: Farmers Benefit from the Return of the River

This is the fourth blog in a 5-part series on the Colorado River pulse flow, written by Cesar Angulo, an environmental journalist in Mexico, and commissioned by Environmental Defense Fund. Read Parts 1, 2 and 3. In the last stretch before reaching the Gulf of California, the Colorado River divides two of the most productive agricultural valleys of Northwestern Mexico: the… Read more »

We told you the pulse flow was working!  Check out this extraordinary image from NASA. The first image was taken in April 2013, and the second was taken in April 2014 – a few weeks after the pulse flow event. If you play with the slider (which we definitely did), you can see the river bed filling… Read more »

Earth Day. Founded 1970. The year after we walked on the moon, looked back home, and discovered Earth for the first time. Neil deGrasse Tyson (via fourteendrawings) Happy Earth Day, everyone.