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Monitoring the Pulse of the Colorado River

Now in its 14th day, the historic pulse flow coursing through the Colorado River Delta toward the sea is under the careful watch of dozens of scientists who fan out across the landscape to measure and track its vital signs – from flow rates and salinity levels to seed dispersal by native cottonwoods and willows. The goal is… Read more »

Will the Colorado River Delta Pulse Flow Make it to the Sea?

One of the big unknowns of the pulse flow of water currently working its way down the channel of the Colorado River in its delta is whether that water will reach the sea.  The mouth of the Colorado River drained historically into the Upper Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez), a unique body of water that Jacques Cousteau called… Read more »

Chasing the Historic “Pulse Flow” Through the Colorado River Delta

For one week now, the Colorado River has been flowing into its delta.  It’s the first ever deliberate release of water here to benefit the environment. That the river is flowing again in its delta is somewhat astounding, all the more remarkable because it’s happening as the result of cooperation between the United States and Mexico under a… Read more »

With time, the pulse flow will restore vegetation, bird populations, and other wildlife to the Colorado River Delta. But even before that, this water is bringing local communities opportunities to gather, play, learn, and feel a renewed sense of pride in their homes and land. 

Sometimes public policy can seem abstract and far away, but witnessing the human impact of last week’s pulse flow event has been particularly gratifying.  Many of the children in communities along the Colorado have never seen water in the river. This video footage from the Sonoran Institute highlights the benefits of Minute 319’s restoration projects,… Read more »