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watershedplus: The Colorado River provides water for 30 million people. Because it is so heavily tapped for agriculture, industry, and municipal uses along its course, the Colorado River rarely reaches its delta and the Gulf of California. About one-tenth of the river’s former flow now makes it to Mexico, where most of that is used… Read more »

Colorado River progress flows from cooperative spirit

The Colorado River is an extraordinary river whose currents flow not just in one direction, but in many directions across landscapes and borders, meeting many needs and demands. Last month, the Colorado River began to flow once again toward the Gulf of California as part of an unprecedented agreement to improve the riparian environment of… Read more »

Colorado River again flows into Mexico

Colorado River again flows into Mexico Charlie Neuman, a phenomenal photographer with the San Diego Union Tribune, spent time near Morelos Dam and throughout the pulse flow region yesterday. Click through to see his beautiful images from the event.