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The Landsat 8 snapped a photo of the Morelos Dam on the Arizona-Mexico border on March 8, 2014.  Credit: NASA Earth Observatory image by Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon  Want to know more? Check out the article in Live Science. 

mapsontheweb: Map of the Major Dams along the Colorado River and its Tributaries. We’ve blogged a great deal about Morelos Dam – the last dam on the Colorado River. Curious how many others there are? 

US IBWC Commissioner Edward Dursina speaks to press and attendees at the Minute 319 Pulse Flow Ceremony from Morelos Dam.  Journalists, conservationists, and policymakers gathered today at Morelos Dam to observe and celebrate the pulse flow. This historic event is a product of binational cooperation that reframes water management in the Colorado River for the… Read more »