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Our Work Restoring the Colorado River Estuary (video)

Raise the River coalition partner Sonoran Institute celebrated Colorado River Day (July 25) this year by releasing this impressive 4-minute documentary about the fresh lagoons of the Colorado River estuary and the incredible, hard work being done by our teams there to restore this life-giving ecosystem. Sonoran Institute teams coordinated the dredging of more than 6.7… Read more »


Eloise Kendy, Scientist and River Specialist with our coalition partner, The Nature Conservancy, shares her reflections of rafting down the Colorado River which she works so hard to protect — years after a similar adventure inspired her to become the geologist, hydrologist, and environmentalist she is today.  Read the full story, here:


An important read is the National Audubon Society’s new report, “Water and Birds in the Arid West” which examines the critical habitats that birds rely on — including our Colorado River Delta — and provides recommendations of sustainable ways for people and birds to use water and coexist in the West. Read the Executive Summary, or download the… Read more »