Spring in Bloom!

skybirds LRRaise the River is celebrating the spring renewal of the Colorado River Delta. We invite you to join in our Spring in Bloom fundraising and awareness campaign – May 25-July 25 – to help ensure that the new life that blossomed in the region this spring will survive and thrive in the future.

We hope you will help us reach our campaign goal of planting 50,000 trees in the Delta.

Just over one year ago, the Colorado River reconnected with the ocean for the first time in 60 years. This was the result of the historic Minute 319 bi-national alliance between the U.S. and Mexican governments to restore this region, which enabled the March 2014 pulse flow, the first deliberate bi-national release of water into the Colorado River delta.

With this water came life. From the time the river began to flow once again, the waters attracted migrating birds and moistened the soil to welcome native tree seeds carried on the wind. One year later, we have seen that the return of water to this region has brought back much of the native plant, bird and animal life that has been absent for many years.

Beyond the original environmental objectives, the overall results have been much richer – the community’s engagement with the river has given rise to community pride and new forms of economic opportunity for the region’s residents.

While we celebrate these accomplishments, we understand there is much more to be done. Help us complete our vision to restore the Delta to a healthy and functional ecosystem – the goal is within reach.

What has been accomplished in the past year?

  • Restoration of 654 acres of riparian habitat
  • Planting of more than 160,000 native trees

Your ‘Spring in Bloom’ donation will provide:

  • Plant 5 cottonwood & willow tree saplings — $25
  • Sponsor a child to attend an environmental education workshop and outside activities at a restored area — $50
  • Plant 20 native trees — $100
  • Support for scientific data collation — $250
  • Restore approximately 1/12 of an acre — $500
  • Donate here

The planting and growth of native cottonwood and willow trees provides critical food and shelter for many birds migrating along the Pacific flyway. So far this year over 111,000 seedlings have been produced, and a total of 5,624 trees were planted in the region during a single ‘Restoration Week’, coinciding with Earth Day.

Already, there has been a significant increase in the population and diversity of river-dependent birds using the delta. Birds not seen in 50 years, such as the yellow-billed cuckoo, are returning to the area. This enhanced riparian and marsh habitat will support 380 bird species, including more than 200,000 migratory water birds that rely on the Delta. A team of bi-national scientists is in place to continually monitor the impact and benefits of the pulse flow on the region’s natural systems.

Today is a new beginning for the Delta. The Delta can be brought back to life. Your participation in this important project is not only essential for an environment which knows no borders, but also demonstrates what is possible when governments – in partnership with private citizens – work together.

The Raise the River coalition and its Colorado River Delta team needs your help to restore the Colorado River Delta. Individuals, communities, and organizations are able to support our restoration initiative by planting trees, donating and spreading awareness about the Delta.

To join us and add your donation, please visit https://rally.org/raisetheriver, and please also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to follow our progress.