“But there is more to this story:  there is value in seeing the river flow again, where it has been missing for so long. We saw that in the faces of the children who danced in the water in San Luis Rio Colorado, and we saw it in the faces of the farmers who travelled to the remote river channel behind their fields, staring in disbelief that the river was running again.  We heard it in the words of the officials who stood on Morelos Dam, when the gates were opened to allow the water to pass through, as they celebrated the river’s return to the delta.  And we see it in the global interest that has been piqued in whether the river will return to the sea.”

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The Colorado River has made it through the delta to the Upper Gulf of California. While it certainly wasn’t the goal of the pulse flow or Minute 319, it’s an incredible milestone that shows that a little bit of water truly can go a long way.