Lessons Learned

In this scientific report authored by Raise the River team members, the lessons learned from the 2014 pulse flow are explored — from the resulting ecological restoration to its social impact.

Authors of the report include Raise the River coalition organization representatives and members of the Science Team providing ongoing monitoring, including:  Eloise Kendy/The Nature Conservancy, Karl W.Flessa/University of Arizona, Karen J.Schlatter/Sonoran Institute, Carlos de la Parra/Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Osvel M.Hinojosa Huertae/Pronatura Noroeste, and Yamilett K.Carrillo-Guerrero/Colorado River Delta Water Trust.

The report, Leveraging environmental flows to reform water management policy: Lessons learned from the 2014 Colorado River Delta pulse flow is available for complimentary download here.