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Restoring a ‘Pulse’ to the Colorado River Delta

Teachers, looking for a great way to bring the Colorado River Delta into the classroom? National Geographic has a whole set of resources to teach your students about conservation, ecology, geography, and binational negotiation and management.  Photo credit: Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Land Rapid Response Team

ecowatchorg: America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2013 This is the year to put the Colorado River on the path to recovery. We couldn’t agree more. And already this year the Colorado River has begun to recover. We’ve already seen promising results from the pulse flow last month, an we’re hopeful that the next few months… Read more »

If we had our way, this is how every work week would end. Happy Friday, everyone!

Conflict is probably the most frequently used word in stories about water in the U.S. West. The word represents the seriousness of global water issues, from the drought-prone areas of Asia to the infrastructure-poor countries of central and southern Africa. Is the future one of litigation amidst an increasingly unsustainable economy and its growing uncertainty?… Read more »

benhorton83: Rush on the Grand Canyon We’re not saying this is what your summer should look like. But if you wanted to go kayaking on a river, and the Colorado River was driving distance, we couldn’t stop you now could we?