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Summer is right around the corner! Looking to get away for a few days? Swing by Rocky Mountain National Park to trek across alpine trails, spot mountain goats, and hurry past berry-snacking black bears. Our favorite attraction, though, would be the tiny streams of the Colorado River headwaters. Though hard to tell apart from other… Read more »

smithsonianmag: From Wyoming to Mexico, a Beautiful Time-Lapse Trip Down the Colorado River Drawing rain runoff and snow melt from the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River is a dominant source of water for the American southwest, providing fresh water for drinking and farming and hydroelectric power to millions. In 2011, Will Stauffer-Norris… Read more »

joseandraba: Colorado River (Río Colorado), Arizona The Colorado River. The great Canyon Carver. 

watershedplus: The Colorado River provides water for 30 million people. Because it is so heavily tapped for agriculture, industry, and municipal uses along its course, the Colorado River rarely reaches its delta and the Gulf of California. About one-tenth of the river’s former flow now makes it to Mexico, where most of that is used… Read more »

You’ve heard us say it – the pulse flow is working! But how do we know, you might ask.  Fair enough. Check out this wonderful blog post by Jennifer Pitt. She’ll convince you that the water is working hard out there.  (Source: