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Jeff Moag, Editor in Chief of Canoe and Kayak Magazine, paddled the Colorado River with Victor Leon.  Check out his first-in-a-lifetime trip. If we can keep supporting agreements like Minute 319, it won’t have to be the last.  (Source:

We wanted to slow down and savor this rare experience, floating through a desert that had seen water only a handful of times in the last 30 years. In the end we traveled a little more than 40 miles, less than half the distance to the Gulf. But years of paddling have taught me never… Read more »

This doesn’t feel like an experiment, you know? I thought it was, like, the pulse experiment, you know? But actually, it feels like a river. Jeff Moag Jeff and few others paddled down the Colorado River through its delta to see if they could make it to the ocean. What they found (and experienced) was… Read more »

Sometimes it seems like the only innovation folks hear about is the next big app coming out of Silicon Valley. But innovation is happening everywhere.  Check out Keith Lambert, Former Mayor of Rifle, Colorado. He mobilized his entire town to rethink water. We, for one, couldn’t be more on board.  Want to know more? Swing… Read more »

This thoughtful young woman has a lot to say about the Colorado River, and how important rivers are to the way we live our lives.  Terrence Johnson captured her thoughts and experiences as a part of the Raise The River partnership with the American University School of Communication to create PSAs highlight the story of… Read more »