Raise the River – Video ‘Report from the Field’

To help show the on-the-ground work that our Raise the River team does, Dr. Osvel Hinojosa of Pronatura Noroeste, a member of the Raise the River coalition, reports weekly from the field in our new video blog. In this video, Dr. Osvel takes us to Morelos Dam, where the water was released to flow into the Colorado River Delta. He explains how regular flows maintain the restoration work done in the Delta. All of the Report from the Field videos are available for viewing on the Raise the River YouTube channel.

From now through October 31, every dollar contributed to Raise the River is matched through a generous initiative by Hunter Industries. Please consider sharing our work with your network of friends, or adding to your donation to help us bring life back to the Colorado River Delta. Donations are received via our Rally page. Thank you!