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Paddling the Colorado River Pulse Flow

The conservationists hope the pulse will bring back the willows and cottonwoods that once lined the valley, and restore habitat for the birds and wildlife that once thrived there. My goal was more selfish. I wanted to see whether I could bash through the non-native reeds and tamarisk that clog the riverbed, and eventually make… Read more »

Jeff Moag, Editor in Chief of Canoe and Kayak Magazine, paddled the Colorado River with Victor Leon.  Check out his first-in-a-lifetime trip. If we can keep supporting agreements like Minute 319, it won’t have to be the last.  (Source:

We wanted to slow down and savor this rare experience, floating through a desert that had seen water only a handful of times in the last 30 years. In the end we traveled a little more than 40 miles, less than half the distance to the Gulf. But years of paddling have taught me never… Read more »

Colorado River reaches the Gulf of California once more

Colorado River reaches the Gulf of California once more John Trotter, a New York based photographer, partnered with with High Country News to document the Colorado River Pulse Flow. In our opinion, he is capturing the soul of what policy initiatives like Minute 319 can accomplish. Click the link in the headline to see his… Read more »

A community gets its river back

For more than two weeks, the Colorado River has been flowing in its delta, through more than 30 miles (48 kilometers) of recently bone-dry river channel choked with desert scrub.  The flow is all too brief, lasting only eight weeks in all.  The United States and Mexico are demonstrating how a “pulse flow” of water can bring environmental… Read more »