Monthly Archives: April 2014

You’ve heard us say it – the pulse flow is working! But how do we know, you might ask.  Fair enough. Check out this wonderful blog post by Jennifer Pitt. She’ll convince you that the water is working hard out there.  (Source:

Easter Weekend is a long weekend in Mexico. Our very own Dr. Osvel Hinojosa spent some of it at San Luis Rio Colorado where community members gathered for an impromptu river carnival.  What better way to celebrate spring? Happy Earth Day, everyone. 

An oldie, but a goodie.  Last year, Google went rafting down the Colorado River, so you don’t have to. Or, so that you get to. Happy Earth Day, everyone.  (Source:

emilvogt: the person who made this should get a medal. Here’s a fun fact for Earth Day.  Did you know that the Colorado River runs more than 1,400 miles and can be seen from space?

Earth Day. Founded 1970. The year after we walked on the moon, looked back home, and discovered Earth for the first time. Neil deGrasse Tyson (via fourteendrawings) Happy Earth Day, everyone.