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This thoughtful young woman has a lot to say about the Colorado River, and how important rivers are to the way we live our lives.  Terrence Johnson captured her thoughts and experiences as a part of the Raise The River partnership with the American University School of Communication to create PSAs highlight the story of… Read more »

Colorado River reaches the Gulf of California once more

Colorado River reaches the Gulf of California once more John Trotter, a New York based photographer, partnered with with High Country News to document the Colorado River Pulse Flow. In our opinion, he is capturing the soul of what policy initiatives like Minute 319 can accomplish. Click the link in the headline to see his… Read more »

A community gets its river back

For more than two weeks, the Colorado River has been flowing in its delta, through more than 30 miles (48 kilometers) of recently bone-dry river channel choked with desert scrub.  The flow is all too brief, lasting only eight weeks in all.  The United States and Mexico are demonstrating how a “pulse flow” of water can bring environmental… Read more »

These photographs, taken by Jennifer Pitt at the Environmental Defense Fund, illustrate the truly dramatic changes happening near the Colorado River Delta. Until March 25th, 2014, large swaths of the river channel were just sand. Now, an entire generation is meeting its river for the first time. 

Colorado River progress flows from cooperative spirit

The Colorado River is an extraordinary river whose currents flow not just in one direction, but in many directions across landscapes and borders, meeting many needs and demands. Last month, the Colorado River began to flow once again toward the Gulf of California as part of an unprecedented agreement to improve the riparian environment of… Read more »