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Water again to flow across U.S.-Mexico border in 2022

Continued binational cooperation in stainable Colorado River management benefits nature, communities, and farmers in the Delta region May 18, 2022 On May 1, water began flowing into the arid Colorado River Delta for the second consecutive year, as part of an ongoing program of scheduled deliveries, to advance sustainable management of the Colorado River, and… Read more »

Colorado River named #1 Most Endangered River of 2022

Collaborative restoration work by Raise the River is essential to mitigate threats that led to this designation by American Rivers The combined pressures of climate change and overallocation are threatening the vitality of the Colorado River, which was named today by American Rivers as the #1 most endangered river in the United States. The Colorado… Read more »

Our Plan to Count Shorebirds in the Colorado River Delta

A peek into Audubon’s scientific efforts to better understand a critical migration bottleneck. By Chad Witko Outreach Biologist, Migratory Bird Initiative, Audubon Society Nestled within the heart of the Pacific Flyway, nearly halfway between Alaska and Chile, the Colorado River Delta is one of the most important wetland ecosystems in the Western Hemisphere for birds…. Read more »

Restoring the Colorado River Delta

How building binational support brought water, trees, funding, and birds back to the Colorado River Delta. By Jennifer Pitt, Colorado River Program Director, Audubon Verdin. Photo: Lisa Langell/Audubon Photography Awards Today, the United States and Mexico, through the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), released an implementation report documenting the first environmental progress under Minute 323, a binational Colorado River… Read more »

Water to Flow in Colorado River Delta Again

Canal maintenance a reminder of the 2014 pulse flow By Jennifer Pitt, Colorado River Program Directo. Reprinted with permission from The Audubon Society Tomorrow, water will flow again in the Colorado River along the US-Mexico border. The long-dried out channel—the final 100 miles of the Colorado River before it ends at the Gulf of California—has… Read more »