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Water leasing is being used as a way to leverage water for environmental purposes. Our coalition partners Osvel Hinojosa of Pronatura Noroeste, The Nature Conservancy, Sonoran Institute and the Colorado River Delta Water Trust are featured in this in-depth article on this strategy, and their creative use of water leasing to bring water and life… Read more »


It’s a wrap! We’ve just enjoyed two packed days of planning strategies to continue our work to restore water and life in the #ColoradoRiverDelta. After listening to the progress updates, “tales from the field”, ideas, back-stories and passionate presentations, it is clear that we have an amazing coalition of partners! Here’s to Sonoran Institute, Pronatura… Read more »

Collaboration for the Colorado River Delta

Historic cooperation results in hope for environmental restoration Cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico governments, supported by a coalition of non-profit organizations, is demonstrating the power of community to achieve environmental benefits, as recently released scientific findings in the Colorado River Delta have documented. The Colorado River is one of the world’s most endangered rivers…. Read more »

Colorado River Delta Flows Help Birds, Plants, Groundwater

Two growing seasons after the engineered spring flood of 2014, the delta’s birds, plants and groundwater continue to benefit, according to a report by a binational, UA-led team. By Mari N. Jensen, UA College of Science |Oct. 19, 2016; Original Story from The University of Arizona News Two growing seasons after the engineered spring flood of the… Read more »

Desert Alive

By: Gabriela Gonzalez-Olimon, as originally appeared on the Sonoran Institute Blog Bor∙der (noun). A line separating two political or geographical areas, especially countries. Before dam construction the Delta was one of the largest estuaries in the world. Countries, people, wildlife and even water. Edward Abbey said that there is no shortage of water in the… Read more »