Raise the River Job Opportunity: Coordinator

Note:  As of April 17, 2018, this position is no longer open for applications… thank you for your interest!

The Raise the River Coalition is seeking a coordinator to facilitate and support a dynamic bi-national initiative restore the Colorado River Delta. In response to a newly signed agreement between the U.S.  Mexico, the coalition is scaling up its efforts, requiring greater collaboration, communication, and transparency among coalition members and its partners in the U.S. and Mexico. The coordinator, working a minimum of 30 hours a week, will be critical to the success of these efforts.

Raise the River Coalition

Established in 2012, the Raise the River Coalition is a unique partnership of six U.S. and Mexican non-governmental organizations committed to reviving the Colorado River Delta through activities that support environmental restoration for the benefit of the people and wildlife of the Delta. We envision a day when the Colorado River Delta is brought back to life, together with the renewal of community relationships and engagement that promote long-term stewardship of the river.

The Coalition is guided by a Charter and overseen by a Steering Committee comprised of representatives of participating non-governmental organizations and key advisors. The work of the Coalition is coordinated through five Working Teams (Binational Diplomacy, Restoration, Water, Fundraising, and Communications).

Role of the Coordinator

The Raise the River Coalition Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Coalition and enhancing the Coalition’s overall effectiveness regarding accountability, transparency, and operations.

The Coordinator is expected to guide the Coalition in establishing and maintaining clear roles and responsibilities among participating Coalition members. She/he must also enable direct, constructive, and timely engagement and communication within the Coalition.

The Coordinator also will assist the Coalition in being clear and open about the Coalition’s measures of success, and tracking and reporting on the progress of the Coalition’s work to multiple audiences.

Lastly, the Coordinator will help the Coalition in identifying and cultivating prospective donors, keeping coalition members apprised of collective and individual fundraising efforts, and reporting on the coalition’s progress in meeting its fundraising goals.

The Coordinator reports to the Raise the River Steering Committee, but will be guided in the day-to-day operation of the Coalition by the Steering Committee’s Co-Chairs.

Responsibilities of the Coordinator

  1. Raise the River Coalition Coordination
    • Update RtR Charter and Team descriptions based on annual evaluations; develop additional policies and procedures for RtR effectiveness as needed.
    • Develop annual operating budget for RtR Coalition (coordinator, facilitator, meetings, and fundraising and communications support).
    • Administer contracts as necessary to facilitate RtR collective responsibilities.
    • Track RtR Steering Committee and Team member assignments, follow up with members to ensure assignments are completed in a timely fashion, as they pertain to:
      1. Restoration and water delivery planning
      2. Monitoring, data collection and management, and research
      3. Fundraising
      4. Communications
    • Develop an annual RtR work plan and calendar of activities work identifying tasks, timelines, and responsible parties.
    • Schedule and facilitate RtR Steering Committee conference calls and meetings, including developing agendas, leading discussions, and handling logistics
    • Participate in Team calls as needed.
  1. Fundraising Coordination
    • In consultation with RtR Coalition members, identify funding prospects and develop cultivation strategies for these prospects.
    • Assist in the cultivation of funders to steer funder interest to areas of greatest need and priority projects, guided by RtR restoration criteria and priorities.
    • Track funding to the RtR Coalition and Coalition members that meet Min 323 NGO fundraising commitment and broader five-year fundraising goal.
  2. Communications Coordination
    • Assist RtR Communications Manager
      1. Ensure communications program development that supports the collaborative campaign
      2. Collect from RtR partners annual information on water delivery, restoration, and success criteria monitoring. Maintain this information in a RtR database accessible for all RtR steering committee members. Final annual reports will be prepared by the RtR communications director.
    • Review all communications materials including annual accomplishment reports, press materials, website content, and social media.
  3. Coalition Evaluation
    • Conduct annual evaluation of RtR Coalition effectiveness based on assessment questions in RtR Charter, including RtR Coordinator’s role; survey Steering Committee and Team members as part of annual evaluation.



  • Prior professional experience facilitating or supporting stakeholder process, coalition, or campaign involving multiple groups, organizations, or interests.
  • Prior professional experience working in natural resource, land or river conservation issues.
  • Prior professional experience in fundraising, including proposal and report writing, donor cultivation, and grants management.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office, Dropbox, or other project management software.
  • Bi-lingual; ability to read, write, and translate documents from Spanish to English/English to Spanish.
  • Ability to travel within the western U.S and northwest MX on an occasional basis.
  • Current, valid U.S. or Mexican Passport.
  • Current, valid driver’s license.


  • Prior professional experience working in Mexico or Latin America.
  • Experience managing staff, including hiring and termination of personnel, developing individual workplans, and conducting annual performance evaluations.
  • Organized, detail oriented and ability to multi-task.
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal.
  • Willingness to handle general administrative tasks.

Compensation and Benefits

Contract position, working an average of 30 hours a week. Not location specific. Compensation: $6,000 a month. Reimbursable expenses (travel, phone, and other expenses as approved by the coalition co-chairs).

Position open until filled. Applications will be reviewed beginning March 15th.

Questions about the position may be forwarded to John Shepard, Sonoran Institute, at Jshepard@sonoraninstitute.org. No calls, please.

Applications, including a cover letter and resume, should be emailed to John Shepard at  jshepard@sonoraninsitute.org.

Learn and Grow

An important part of our restoration work in the #ColoradoRiverDelta is monitoring our activities, then tweaking where needed, if results are different than predicted. In the spirit of sharing, presenting this paper on what we have learned, to more efficiently provide benefits to nature. After all, the more we learn, the more trees will grow in the #ColoradoRiverDelta!
Featuring the work of coalition partners, Eloise Kendy/ The Nature ConservancyOsvel Hinojosa Huerta of Pronatura Noreste, Karen Schlatter/ Sonoran Institute, and others. Please read and share!


Laguna Grande Planting Workshop

Our restoration team from Sonoran Institute carried out the first Theoretical and Practical Workshop on the Production of Plants this past January, using seedlings of native poplar and willow trees.

During the workshop, general information about the Laguna Grande riparian habitat restoration project was presented. The primary techniques of production and management were reviewed in this hands-on workshop, using seedlings of poplars and willows used in the actual restoration work. Participants were guided by the Sonoran Institute team through the tree nurseries of the organization, located at Kilometer 49 of the Francisco Murguía Village.

Organizations including the Municipal Public Services (SPM), Secretariat of Environmental Protection (SPA), the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR), and Save the Lagoons A.C. participated, and we greatly appreciate their interest. We look forward to continued collaboration!

Seedling Time in the Delta

Month by month, our restoration activities in the Colorado River Delta vary, directed by the seasons. In order to have a supply of native tree seedlings for our Spring planting, we are planting these now. The seeds are nurtured in our on-site nurseries, until they become sizeable enough for planting.

Sharing with you here, photos of our team members in the Miguel Aleman restoration site, part of the team of coalition member Pronatura Noreste.

Raise the River at CWRUA!

The Raise the River team attended the annual conference of the Colorado River Water Users Association (CWRUA) this past week (December 13-15, 2017), held in Las Vegas. With over 2,000 attendees, this is the annual gathering of this non-profit, non-partisan organization which provides a forum for exchanging ideas and perspectives on Colorado River use and management — with the intent of developing and advocating common objectives, initiatives, and solutions.

Raise the River had an informational booth in the exhibit hall — one of a very few non-profit organizations to do so — which served to grow our network and raise awareness of the work we are doing in the Colorado River Delta.

We also took this opportunity to present awards of recognition to key individuals who worked on behalf of the adoption of Minute 323 by the U.S. and Mexico governments this year. Sharing with our community photos of this presentation ceremony, below.